September 18 Member of The Month – Ben

I’m Good…

Meet September’s Member of the Month: Ben! Ben is the Managing Director of Wellbeing People which is a pioneering company who are leading the way in health engagement for both the Public and Private sector. Ben first became aware of the Recalibrate Wellbeing Programme when we were discussing a potential partnership between the two companies and I said he should experience once of our wellbeing screens in person.

Unsurprisingly given his job, Ben faired pretty well in his wellbeing screen, however, the best thing about health and wellbeing is there are always new heights to achieve! He was good, but I knew we could get him to great!

Ben at his first Wellbeing Screen

Bens says:

What motivated you to contact DayOne?

Looking to work together on a couple of projects was my main motivation to try the programme so that I could see for myself what I would be recommending to others; in addition, I had heard lots of good feedback from the Inspiring Wellbeing Awards and the time chimed with me having reached 50!

What goal did you set out to achieve?

To be healthier at 60 than I am at 50! With more specific targets to lose half a stone permanently, get rid of my backache and to drink a little less alcohol!

Have you achieved that goal/ what have been the highlights so far?

Yes, all three goals have been achieved but surprisingly I found the biggest impact has been the effect of eating lots of fruit and veg (the more colourful the better) has really had a big impact on my mental wellbeing!

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your younger self or others wanting to progress their wellbeing?

Always be open to coaching and change! Good habits and bad habits are habitual!

What does the next year hold for you? 

Lots of fruit and veg! CMON!!!!!!

Ben 12 weeks later at his completion screen

Pip says:

At Ben’s wellbeing screen he said three things to me that I knew I could help him with. The first was that he couldn’t sustain a healthy weight (he said he always felt like he was carrying an extra 0.5-1 stone around), the second was his back pain and the third was alcohol.

Twelve weeks later and Ben’s sustainably lost 6.5kg (just over a stone) – to Ben’s surprise his weight even maintained whilst on holiday for two weeks with his family this summer!

His once fragile back is now swinging 16kg kettlebells and completing negative pull-ups thanks to the lean muscle he’s developed through exercise. This has resulted in him reducing his body fat percentage by an impressive 7% in twelve weeks and his exercise programme also contributed to his lung age going from 50 to 31!


Finally, it was Ben’s outlook on his alcohol habits that most surprised him. Around week 7 in the programme, Ben realised how much his resting heart rate was affected following a few drinks the night before and without me saying a word that was enough of a reason for Ben to implement more alcohol-free nights in his week.

For me, this is the true magic of the Recalibrate Wellbeing Programme. As D1 coaches it’s our job to create space for people like Ben connect to the true desire of their goal – in Ben’s case, this was to be fitter at 60 than 50. Then through behavioural change coaching, we’re able to enhance a member’s self-awareness so they begin to question their habitual habits – in Ben’s case this was being much more conscious around alcohol and if it was actually helping or hindering him to be fitter at 60.

“The key to sustainable behavioural change are empowered changes rather than dictated changes!”

Congratulations Ben, you’ve been a pleasure to train and coach and your results speak for themselves. However, the most exciting part for me is I have no doubt that by you prioritising your wellbeing, your ripple will spread further than most!

Dedicated to unlocking your potential,

Pip & The DayOne Wellness Team

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