October’s Member of the Month – Meet Margaret

Emotional Equilibrium

“I exercise 4 times a week and eat a healthy diet but if anything I seem to be gaining weight not losing it. I’m not sure I actually believe I can lose weight now, my sleep is just a joke and I’ve had a personal trainer before – they worked me so hard I had to have six months of physio to fix my shoulder!”

This was the first conversation I had with Margaret, as you can see, 6 months ago she was extremely sceptical of me and the Recalibrate Wellbeing programme! Margaret is a mother, a wife, a trainee special needs teacher, a masters student and a caring, people orientated woman. She had fallen into the all too common trap of putting everyone else (including her incredibly high expectations of herself) before her fundamental wellbeing needs.

I knew my first job was to empower Margaret with a new toolbox of wellbeing habits that would enhance her resilience and address her lack of sleep without adding another thing to her ever-growing to-do list.

Margaret @ Natures Gym

Margaret Says;

What motivated you to contact DayOne in the first place?

I met Pip at a wellness event at my daughter’s school. I was impressed by her positivity and her holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing. It was a big act of trust for me to sign up with Pip as previous experiences with personal trainers had not been particularly positive.

What goal did you set out to achieve?

Initially, my goal was to lose weight but as I progressed through the programme I became more focused on overall wellbeing and living a healthy fulfilling life.

Have you achieved that goal/ what have been the highlights so far?

Yes, I have achieved my first goal of losing weight but more importantly, I now have a more positive outlook and have become more focused my emotional wellbeing. A highlight has definitely got to be realising that I can push myself further than I expected. I have always avoided pushing myself physically and even though I have complained loudly to Pip during the sessions I am actually really proud of myself for completing the horrible agonising exercises Pip gave me!

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your younger self or others wanting to progress their wellbeing?

Focus on wellbeing, value who you are and live by the same expectations you would have for others. My new mantra is “life is not a game of perfection!”

What does the next year hold for you?

I feel surprised to be writing this but …… more cardio!! I will be working with Pip to create a programme I can follow when I go to the gym. I will try to do 2 40 minute sessions in the gym each week as well as my pilates classes.

Pip Says;

As Margaret‘s trust in me and the programme built, I started to see the real her, stressed weekly rants were gradually replaced with smiles and weekly success stories. By the halfway review she was sleeping through the night and had even lost 6cm off her waist!

Margaret‘s life continues to be filled to the brim (this is the curse of a type A personality – I should know 😉) however, it’s her mindset and emotional transformation that made me nominate her for our member of the month. When you’ve been trapped in yo-yo dieting, calorie counting cycles and what I like to call ‘wagon mentality’ for years it takes an enormous amount of courage to put yourself out there yet again and try another so-called solution.

Thankfully, six months since meeting Margaret and I’m delighted to say she’s 11lbs lighter (even though she can’t lose weight 😉) her sleep has dramatically improved, her relationship with food and how she fuels herself is like night and day, and although she still finds it hard to put herself to the top of her priority list at least she is now featuring on the list!

Well done Margaret it’s been an honour to coach you through the last six months, and I hope everyone in your life realises just how lucky they are to have you in theirs!

Dedicated to unlocking your potential,

Pip & The DayOne Wellness Team

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