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Alistair is a husband, a dad to four boys and the Managing Director of Thermogroup UK, a successful underfloor heating provider. Alistair is a highly successful man and to say his life is busy is an understatement. Unfortunately, this highly driven nature also lead to a series of habits that weren’t benefiting him or enabling him to sustain the energy he needed. After a referral from Blackfen Chiropractors Alistair embarked on our signature 12 Week Wellness Foundation course. His goal was to improve his overall wellbeing and to gain advice on both his nutrition and movement downfalls as well as addressing his mindset, sleeping habits and current stress management techniques.

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Alistair Says:

I started out with a simple goal of improving overall wellbeing and D1 delivered that and more!  I’m one of those ‘too busy, will get onto it soon enough’ types, overweight, unfit, stressed and ready for an early cardiac arrest. Following a car smash which left me with fractured vertebra and soon after having to have kidney stones lasered, I gladly took the recommendation of my Chiropractor to get on to The Wellness Foundation program. It has been an incredible journey with D1, no huge changes but persistent incremental adjustments to my; daily routine, eating and movement which have made such an incredible difference. My next goal is to reduce body fat percentage (even further!) and I have no hesitation in recommending D1 for anyone who is looking for a no-nonsense, no fads, proven way to improve wellbeing.

Making the time

Alistair is our client of the month http://onhealthy.net/product-category/alcoholism/ this month because he is living proof that time is simply a matter of prioritisation. Each week we’ve discussed ways Alistair can upgrade unhelpful habits into habits that can fit his lifestyle whilst still progressing him to his goals. Some weeks have undoubtedly been harder than others but Alistair has always risen to the challenge and the compound effect of all the minor changes have resulted in some very impressive statistics. Since March 2017 Alistair has lost almost 10% body fat, his waist has reduced by over 12cm off and the scales show a 9kg (1.5 stone) deficit! His blood pressure has normalised, his resting heart rate has dropped by 15bpm to a very respectable 63bpm and his overall strength and fitness is unrecognisable from our very first session back in March.

Congratulations Alistair your determination, effective scheduling and desire to learn has made you an absolute pleasure to coach. The results you’ve achieved have not only improved your overall wellbeing to help you to live longer – but by maintaining (and progressing further) you’ll also be able to live your best life for the longest, helping even more people than you do already!

Alistair is one of the many busy people we support to prioritise their wellbeing, for more information on how you too can transform your wellbeing give us a call or click the link to find out more: 1:1 Wellness Foundation programme.

Dedicated to simplifying wellbeing so you can achieve more!

Pip and The DayOne Wellness Team.

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