July18 Member of the Month – Jackie!

Stalwart – meaning loyal, reliable & hardworking.

Jackie Bell is one of these exceptional people that you feel honoured to simply be in her presence. She is a busy mum of 4 boys (5 if you include her husband – also a D1 member) and since meeting Jackie I’ve been fascinated by her unique combination of superhero status resilience, kindness and generosity.

We met almost a year ago in August 2017 when Jackie’s usually unshakable resilience was at breaking point due to the physical pain she was suffering through on a daily basis. On recommendation from her husband she reluctantly did something that doesn’t come naturally to her – she asked for help.

Initially, Jackie’s goal was simply to be pain-free which she achieved just 6 weeks into our signature 12-week Recalibrate Wellbeing programme, now less than one year on not only is she pain-free but this month she’s now: box jumping, snatching 12.5kg dumbells and running 5km just for fun!

July18 MOM


Jackie Says;

I have never liked exercising although I’ve always led a busy active life.  Even though I knew how much Pip had helped my husband it still took months for me to decide to see her and I was so nervous at my first appointment.  I told her that I was sceptical that she could help me!  I honestly didn’t think she would change the way I felt about exercising and spending time getting fit and I was in constant discomfort and couldn’t see how exercise would help.

Anyway, I can’t tell you how wrong I was! By the end of the 12 weeks, I had begun to see how by strengthening my muscles I could beat the pain and support my weak areas. Not long after that I had a flare of inflammation and pain and was diagnosed with Lupus but I kept going with Pip and was able to maintain my strength until it started to subside. Then I started pushing ahead again and achieved my goal of running 5K in a better time than I ever thought I could!!

I’ve achieved my goals of getting free from pain, then getting fit and running 5K but I have achieved so much more than that.  The program is life changing and I’ve found out things about myself that I didn’t know before, I’ve started to feel good about myself. Each session gives you such a sense of achievement that you come away feeling ten times better than before. It completely outweighs any effort you put in! Not only that but I’ve got a solution to my pain that doesn’t involve medication and leaves me better equipped for everything in life. The trainers are excellent at making the program personal to your needs and providing individual support.

July18 Member of the Month

I definitely want to continue with Day One and can’t wait to achieve more and beat any other flares of Lupus that I have.  My next target is to lose some weight that the medication has left me with and starting looking as strong as I feel.

Thanks a million, Day One for making me feel better than ever before.  I haven’t been a straightforward one but that proves that your program works for everyone whatever they come to you for.  I’m a total convert!!

Pip Says;

Jackie’s achievements are made even more impressive by the fact earlier this year she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition which would have floored the best of us! However, rather than slipping into the ‘victims mindset’ undeterred Jackie faced the challenge head-on asking herself the empowering question:

“What can I do to make the best of this situation.”

Jackie, you are such an inspiration to your family, your community and to me. It’s been an absolute honour to train you and watch your physical health progress from the painful dysfunctional body I first met to a strong, confident runner!

Dedicated to simplifying wellbeing so you can live your best life,

Pip & The D1 Team

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