People are the heartbeat of every organisation, it’s no secret healthier, happier employees are more productive (upto 21%) but did you know, an effective employee wellbeing initiative can reduce staff turnover by up to 59%! So why aren’t more doing it?

Our employee wellbeing initiatives are designed to educate and empower individuals to take personal responsibility for their own wellbeing. It’s not the organisations job to ensure everyone is eating to fuel performance or regularly exercising to keep sick days at bay. However, there are things organisations can do to influence this. At the end of the day, we’re all products of our environment so the real question you should be asking is;

‘Is your current culture one that cultivates; performance, productivity, and profits or one that’s a ticking time bomb?’


WELLBEING SCREENS – Private screens with one of our expert wellbeing coaches. Employees will leave with a full postural analysis, metrics report and initial recommendations on how to progress their wellbeing.

EMPOWER WORKSHOPS – 90 minute interactive workshops on topics such as; The Energy Equation. Resilience Sweet Spot. Nutrient Fuel. The Sitting Epidemic. Spinal Health and Sleeping for Success.

NATURE FIT CLASSES – 60 minute outdoor movement classes. Choose from; lunchtime walking groups, to run clubs to mixed ability bootcamp classes and specific event training e.g. 0-10km challenge training.

To find out more, download our full-service brochure here: DayOneServiceBrochure


Workplace Wellbeing
Employees from Kent Wildlife Trust
Workplace wellbeing
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