The Stress Management Society estimate a three fold ROI for every £1 you spend on employe wellbeing.


Employee wellbeing can cost as little as £5 per employee. Our expert consultants start by analysing your current wellbeing situation. This information then enables us to design a cost effective wellbeing initiative that engages employees and delivers sustainable results. Below is a brief outline of the tools we use;

COST OF HEALTH REPORT – This report provides a financial breakdown of your current; productivity, absenteeism and staff turnover against UK averages in your sector.

INSIGHTS SURVEY – From our experience employee wellbeing programmes are typically poorly attended because employees feel they are not being listened to. Our insights survey is an independent survey based on the 7 areas of wellbeing our services been show to positively effect; Nutrition, Energy Levels, Fitness, Happiness, Body Shape, Work Life Balance and Pressures (Stress Resilience.)

PROGRAMME CO-ORDINATION – We use a combination of our services (below), third party providers and recommended in house resources to co-ordinate a clear wellbeing initiative based on; the data from the reports above, your specific company goals and chosen budget.


Speaking about employee wellbeing

Our co-founder Pip, delivers no-nonsense talks that simplify employee wellbeing and empower action.

Key notes include;

Super fast you – How to achieve more in less time.

37.5 Trillion – Maximising potential.

Carrot or the stick – Exceeding expectations.


Performance / Wellness / Work Life Balance / Resilience / Motivation

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Employee wellbeing


Workshops are typically run in progressive 6 month programmes, but can be delivered as full day training session. Maximum 15 ppl.

Topics include;

Accessing your potential – cultivating the mindset & blueprint required to achieve your goal.

Nutritional Need to Knows – practical tips to reduce cravings and increase sustainable energy.

Cultivating Energy – learn how to charge your cells without coffee and how to avoid the 3 most common exercise mistakes.

Sleeping for success – how to access deep rejuvenating sleep for personal productivity.

Metabolism Masterclass – you’ll never yo-yo diet again once you understand your metabolic type and how to improve it’s current status.

Harder to Kill – discover how to build your resilience to stress and make it work for you –  not against you.

Sustaining motivation – learn how to avoid the common pitfalls that cause people to fall off the wagon and what to do instead.

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[Location Dependent]

Our most popular classes include;

Walk/ Run clubs – 6 or 12 week programme to improve energy, cardio vascular fitness and core strength.

Bootcamps – 6 0r 12 week programme of functional body weight fitness suitable for mix abilities.

Charity event training –  Bespoke training to help your team complete their chosen fitness challenge; from 5km runs, to tough mudders to three peak endurance challenges.

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Our 100% online academy is a great option for remote working or multi-site organisations.

For more information visit the  VITALLY WELL ACADEMY.


Brands that trust us...



The whole course has been very interesting and engaging, we’ve covered lots of subjects - Pip has explained everything in a really easy to understand way so we can make it fit our lives. I feel invigorated - and enthusiastic to take on this challenge!

KIMS Hospital

Attendance at the first empower workshop was much higher than expected and the feedback has been
really positive. Pip certainly knows what she is talking about but manages to put the science into layman’s
terms and deliver her messages in a simple but constructive and highly motivational way. We are all
looking forward to the next session already!

DSH Accountants

Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s outdoor exercise class, the feedback’s been really positive. No one was ever
made to feel left behind despite the various ages and abilities and we all had such a blast that it didn’t even
feel like an exercise class although my muscles today certainly know I did something

Kent Wildlife Trust