Recalibrate Wellbeing Community Pilot

Mission: Health Equality

We are delighted to announce; in January 2019 Golding Homes will be sponsoring twelve Maidstone residents to transform their health and fitness in a community funded pilot that aims to prove; the combination of outdoor exercise, nutrition talks and behavioural change coaching can lead people from overweight and overwhelmed to overflowing with body-confidence and vibrant mental health.

Pre-Launch Event

We are hosting a pre-launch event to give interested applicants and community workers the opportunity to meet the D1 coaches, find out more about the programme and get your questions answered. This is a free event but tickets are limited so please click the link below to register. The event will be hosted at Fusion Healthy Living Centre on Friday 30th November 10am – Book your tickets here (limited availability) 

Are you eligible for the pilot?

About the Recalibrate Wellbeing Programme:  The Recalibrate wellbeing programme has supported over 200 people since 2014 to live longer, healthier, happier lives by combining outdoor exercise, nutrition and lifestyle talks and behavioural change coaching in an easy to follow 12 step framework.


About the Pilot: This exciting community pilot has all been made possible by Golding Homes sponsoring twelve Maidstone residents to the value of +£450pp (priority will go to Golding Homes tenants) who currently have a waist circumference of +94cm (men) or +80cm (women).

Expectations: Eligible attendees will be required to meet once a week for a 60-minute nutrition/ lifestyle talk followed by a 60-minute outdoor group exercise session. Sessions will take place during the first two school terms of 2019 breaking for half term.

Investment: Your time and commitment to the programme.

The financial investment has been covered by Golding Homes so successful applicants will be required to attend all 12 sessions to support our ongoing research into health inequality and behavioural change.

Start date: Friday, January 11th 2019 10am-12noon then every Friday for 12 weeks (1-week break for half-term).

Location: Fusion Healthy Living Centre. Livingstone Walk. Maidstone. ME15 9XF.

Future programmes: If you cannot make the times/ the venue, please still apply as we have plans for future programmes up our sleeves! If you do not meet the criteria but would still like our help please visit our coaching page.

How do I Apply?

Complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch shortly to find out more about you and your goals. Good Luck!

Dedicated to supporting you live your BEST life for the longest,

Pip & The D1 Team

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