Christmas gifts for ‘healthy’ people

Give the Gift of health this Christmas!

The perfect D1 Christmas is about consuming less and connecting more and we’re not just talking about food!
However, if you do want to give gifts, sack off the chocolates and wine and gift the gift of health instead with some of these…

Top 6 Christmas gifts for healthy people…

Stocking Filler – Epsom Salts

Best For: Loved ones who need more relaxation in their lives.

Suggested Reading: Resilience 101

£45-£55 Prezzie – Blender

Best For: Loved ones who want to lose weight and need to get more nutrients and fibre in their diet to do so.

Suggested Reading: Go-Getter Green shake recipe

£50-£75 Prezzie – Light alarm clock

Best For: Loved ones who struggle with seasonal affective disorder, or just the mornings in general!

Suggested Reading: Sleeping for Success

£75-£99 Prezzie – D1 Recalibrate Retreat

Best For: EVERYONE! Individuals, friends, family members and couples.

Suggested Reading: Recalibrate Wellbeing Retreats

Recalibrate retreats are inspiring one-day retreats filled with outdoor activities, yoga, whole foods, nutrition talks and wellbeing workshops. Book Here.

£25-£125 Prezzie – TRX

Best For: Home gym and outdoor exercisers.

Suggested Reading: The Exercise Plan That Works!


£75-200 Prezzie – Activity tracker

Best For: Office-based workers needing motivation.

Suggested Reading: Minimum Daily Movement Requirement


From myself and the team at D1 we wish you an amazing Christmas and we hope 2019 is your BEST year yet!

Pip & The D1 Team


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