August18 Member of the Month – Rhylan

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Rhylan’s first experience with DayOne Wellness was a wellbeing screen at his workplace; Thermogroup. His boss (who also happens to be his father) decided to invest in an employee wellbeing initiative after experiencing firsthand the productivity benefits optimal wellbeing brings.

Since that initial screen, Rhylan has lost over a stone in weight and has turned into a machine since training weekly with Coach Sara who nominated him for this months award.

Rhylan Bell

Coach Sara:

“Rhylan has worked hard during all our sessions over the last few months and is always keen to give 100% with a smile on his face! Rhylan’s strength and stamina has improved massively and its great to see how passionate he is becoming about his personal fitness and overal wellbeing”


What motivated you to contact DayOne Wellness?

My company offered wellbeing screening sessions, and I quickly realised that there was a lot more I could be doing to increase my performance both mentally and physically.

What goal did you set out to achieve?

I wanted to get rid of excess body fat and increase stamina and strength to compliment a varied lifestyle.

Have you achieved that goal/ what have been the highlights so far?

So far, I’ve made a good start and definitely more progress than I thought was possible in only a few months. One highlight was finishing a PT session for the first time! In the first couple of sessions, this did seem nearly impossible so it was a great boost of morale.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Eating habits make a massive difference – eating the right nutrients at the right times gives greater energy throughout the day and provides a foundation for being in a better space physically and mentally. Also, you don’t know how tall a man is until you stretch him, so embrace being pushed to your limits, the results will always follow!

What does the next year hold for you?

I want to become more proactive in developing my own workout sessions and using my own motivation to continue to progress.

Coach Sara:

“I’m excited to see what Rhylan achieves next and look forward to supporting his new goal of becoming self-motivated and building up his knowledge of exercises that challenge him but are still enjoyable to complete.”

Rhylan’s nomination is a very special one for DayOne Wellness because in 2017 father Alistair Bell won our member of the month title, then just last month mother Jackie Bell won the title and now Rhylan! The entire Bell family are living proof of our that movements can start from just one person and spread like wildfire.

Educate Yourself by prioritising YOUR needs first. Then you’re better able to Empower Others through your actions, not your opinions and as Rhylan proves that’s when families Exceed Together.

When’s your DayOne?

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Pip & The D1 Team.

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