The Rebel with a Cause

Pip Lawrence

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Quickfire Questions:

Full Name: Pip Lawrence

Position: Co-Founder & Wellbeing Coach

Specialist demographic: I typically work with business owners & people in senior leadership positions.

Favourite Quote: ‘You can do anything but you can’t do everything.’

Favourite Real Food: Homemade macaroni cheese!

Favourite Outdoor Exercise: 5 a-side-football.

Favourite ‘me-time’ Practice: Meditation, it’s the only way I’ve found to manage my monkey mind!

Life outside D1: I love socialising with friends, being outdoors, skiing and travelling.

The Story so Far:

Pip qualified as a personal trainer in 2008, where she quickly specialised in exercise referral. Unfortunately, after a year of prescribing restrictive nutritional plans and strict workout schedules from ‘indoor-gyms’, Pip started to lose her love for the industry. In 2010 Pip went searching for something else and came across a Bootcamp Franchise led by Daley Thompson (1980 &1984 Olympic Gold medalist) and Kate Staples (Zodiac from the TV programme gladiators).

However, two years in and once again Pip started losing her passion. This time she loved being outside but felt the restrictive nutritional plans and strict workout schedules weren’t empowering her clients, instead, they were all reliant upon on her.

Pip says: Sustainability is really important to me, at the beginning of my career I wasn’t a coach, I was a dictator. This meant my clients weren’t thinking for themselves so they weren’t experiencing empowerment or true transformations. I’ve always lived by the philosophy: if you don’t like something – change it. I wasn’t happy so I ended up selling everything; the franchise, my flat, my car, most of my possessions and going travelling with my other half Tom.

After travelling through Asia and Australasia for 7 months, living in New Zealand for 6 and working as a chalet host in Austria for another 6 months, Pip returned home and began working on a public health contract in London. The role gave her valuable insights into the public health sector as she worked in a multidisciplinary team delivering adult and child obesity weight management programmes. It was here she qualified as a level 4 obesity and diabetes coach and things started fitting together.

Pip says: Private gyms are brilliant at getting people through the door but often fail to support sustainable change. On the flip side, public health schemes are incredibly well resourced but fail to attract the people who need it most. My vision for DayOne Wellness is to blend the best of both worlds. Our coaches all specialise in areas they can draw personal experiences from – for me that’s helping business owners avoid burnout, increase productivity and enjoy a better quality of work-life balance.


‘You can do anything but you can’t do everything.’