Meet Co-Founders Pip & Tom


We launched DayOne Wellness in October 2014 with one mission: Health Equality. We want to make sustainable wellbeing simpler so everyone in Kent can live their best life for the longest.

Together, Pip and Tom have traveled to some of the poorest and most remote parts of the world. Ironically it was here that they were greeted by some of the healthiest and happiest individuals they’d ever come across!

Pip says: Wellbeing for us, isn’t about weight loss or six packs. It’s about fueling performance. A ‘well’ person performs better at home with their family and at work with their colleagues. Wellbeing is the only thing every human on the planet can put to the top of their priority lists and it have a positive benefit on everything else underneath.

On returning home they decided to combine their newly learnt knowledge with their passion for; real food, outdoor movement, and community connection to create DayOne Wellness.

Pip says: We started with the tagline; “fuelled by nature, supported by experts” We I realised early on the only way clients would achieve sustainable results is by supporting them to make their own decisions. We’re not guru’s were coach’s. As a coach, our goal is to teach the client to become their own guru’s – that’s when clients started saying things like; ‘it doesn’t even feel like I’ve been on a diet’ and ‘I can’t believe how much I’ve actually enjoyed this process.’

Tom says: During our numerous travels, we’ve been privileged to experience the freshest foods, the most breathtaking views, and the most welcoming cultures – that’s where the ‘fulled by nature’ came from. We’re not anti-technology, neither of us are ready to live in the woods….yet! We are however pro-nature, hence why we are so passionate about outdoor exercise.

“Our mission isn’t just to help people live longer – it’s to support them to live their best life for the longest”

Meet the Team

Pip aka The Renegade


Pip qualified as a personal trainer in 2008 where she specialised in exercise referral, obesity and diabetes management. After years of prescribing nutritional plans and strict workout schedules, she started to lose her love for the industry as she couldn’t deliver the sustainable results her clients craved.

Frustrated with flawed teachings Pip sold a successful women’s bootcamp company at the age of 22 to travel for 6 months through Asia with Tom…….18 Month’s later the couple returned to the UK and Pip started working on a Public Health contract in the London borough of Camden. Her role was to work alongside a dietitian and psychologist to deliver adult and child obesity programmes – it was here that the severity of the UK health epidemic really hit home, but in 2014 Pip found herself frustrated.

Pip says: The private side of the industry was brilliant at getting people through the door but didn’t deliver sustainable results, then when I worked on the Public health contract the opposite was true, we had a brilliant programme but no-one to deliver it to!

Our goal was to create a company that will eventualy be able support anyone with their wellbeing goals regardless of money but to also create a movement so people actually want to change as well!


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Tom aka The Prankster


Tom’s passion for life is infectious. Aged 18 he left home for Australia, where he discovered the benefits of strength training combined with an outdoor way of life. After a year down under he chased his love for the outdoors to work at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada before returning home to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry.

Now, he has a wealth of industry experience from numerous countries and is passionate to teach busy people how to get the most out of their bodies while still enjoying their lives.

Tom’s a qualified personal trainer with a keen interest in functional fitness and outdoor expeditions. When Tom’s not working on the business development, branding and marketing, you’ll find him volunteering for Kent search and Rescue or thinking up extravagant pranks to play on the rest of the team.

Louise aka The Mummy


Louise, is a mum of three boys and is passionate about helping other busy mums prioritise their health without feeling guilty or letting other areas of their lives slip.

Louise says; “Just like millions of other mums I used to feel bad about having time away from my kids, but spending time on my myself means I’m able to be an even better mum because I have so much more energy to juggle the daily demands”

Louise specialises in our signature 1:1 coaching programme as well as running our 6 week fitness courses. You can’t help but feel motivated in her presence and her caring nature means you’ll always feel supported every step of the way!

Ailsa aka The Glue


Ailsa joined the team after working for three years in the NHS. The combination of shift work and mass produced cafeteria lunches had left Ailsa feeling sluggish and lethargic so she turned to her lifelong friend Pip for advice and hasn’t looked back.

Ailsa loved the DayOne Wellness ethos so much that now, Mum of one, Ailsa has joined the team so she can support others to feel as good as she does now.
You’ll find Ailsa at DayOne Wellness HQ or virtually tucked away in the Welsh countryside, organising events, supporting our clients progress and co-creating our weekly blogs.

Penny aka the over 50 fitty

Penny is a Registered nurse, qualified midwife and registered health visitor. After working for over 20 years as a health visitor and setting up her own business as a specialist sleep and behaviour consultant she has now trained as a personal trainer to bring health and wellness to her ante natal and post natal clients.

Her journey into the fitness world developed as she was nearing her fifitieth birthday and wanted to be the fittest and healthiest she could be as she took on the next half century. This has helped her understand the importance and benefits of staying well and healthy throughout life

Penny has 2 children Ben aged 23 and ‘another’ Pip aged 20.

Ben aka the detective

Ben is a former police detective and firearms officer who worked in Central London for 12 years. Unfortunately in 2015 Ben was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer at just 34 year old. Ben stayed pro-active throughout his treatment; consuming real food and exercising daily and thankfully, less than two years on Ben is enjoying vibrant health and wellbeing.

Ben qualified as a personal trainer earlier this year and is currently studying to gain his; exercise referral qualification, additional nutritional qualifications and D1 coaching skills qualification. 

Ben is as a brilliant addition to the D1 team, his personal experience with ill health has already provided inspiration for clients in similar poor health/ wellbeing situations.

Ben’s priority is to help as many people as possible prevent lifestyle diseases so they never have to experience what he went through.

Welcome Ben.

I can’t sing your praises highly enough. I’ve never stuck at anything for this long, it’s not just the changes I’ve made that’s surprised me, it’s how easy I found making the changes once I understood the impact they had on my body!

Ann, 2014 client

I can’t thank DayOne Wellness enough for what they have done and for also making it enjoyable and fun at the same time. I had wanted to change my lifestyle for a while since having to give up football but needed some inspiration and guidance which I was struggling to find. Fortunately, Pip did some workshops at our office and I knew straight away that I had found someone I could trust and who could inspire me to make the changes I needed. I have further goals to reach this year but with the support and advice from the DayOne Wellness Community I finally feel they are achievable.

Marc, 2015 client