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Meet Co-Founders Pip & Tom


DayOne Wellness was founded in October 2014 with one mission: Health Empowerment for all ages in Kent. They are dedicated to simplifying wellbeing so more people can live their best life for the longest.

Together, Pip and Tom have travelled to some of the poorest and most remote parts of the world. Ironically it was here that they were greeted by some of the healthiest and happiest individuals they’d ever come across!

Tom says: It was like a lightbulb moment, all the happiest, healthiest people we met all did three things:

1. They ate real food from the land – not packets.

2. They moved outside daily – rather than sitting in boxes.

3. They invested time in face-to-face relationships – rather than social media followings.

Pip says: Wellbeing for us, isn’t about weight loss or six packs. It’s about fueling performance. A mentally and physically well person performs better at home with their family and at work with their colleagues. Wellbeing is the only thing every human on the planet can put to the top of their priority lists and it have a positive benefit on everything else underneath.

“Our mission isn’t just to help people live longer – it’s to support them to live their best life for the longest”

Meet the Team

Pip aka The Rebel with a Cause


Specialist demographic: Business owners and Senior leaders.

As a business owner herself, Pip is passionate about educating leaders to invest in their own wellbeing. She believes this is the key to avoiding burnout, increasing productivity and enjoying a better quality of work-life balance. Interested in working with Pip? Read more here.



Tom aka The Explorer


Specialist demographic: Employee away days.

Tom works full time for Kent’s emergency services and volunteers for Kent Search and Rescue. When Tom’s not busy saving lives you find him teaching orienteering and survival skills to our corporate members.




Louise aka The Empathetic Listener


Specialist demographic: Carers, nurses, teachers, coaches.

Louise is a busy working mum of 3 boys. She is passionate about helping other ‘natural-carers’ prioritise their own wellbeing to benefit themselves and be in a better position to support the people they care for. Interested in working with Louise? Read more here.



Penny aka The Mid-Life Motivator


Specialist demographic: 35-55 Unfit working professionals

As Penny approached her 50th birthday she realised her lifestyle was leading her down a path of sickness. As her 50th birthday approached she decided she was going to get fit for 50! Now, Penny is passionate about inspiring other working professionals not to give up hope, because it’s never too late to unleash your inner athlete! Interested in working with Penny? Read more here.




Sara aka The Confidence Booster


Specialist demographic: Post-natal career-minded mums

Sara is an entrepreneurial mum of 3. She’s passionate about helping other post-natal mums leverage their wellbeing so they can be super-mums and climb the career ladder at the same time – without getting overwhelmed! Interested in working with Sara? Read more here.



Ailsa aka The Glue


Ailsa joined the team after working for three years in the NHS. The combination of shift work and mass produced cafeteria lunches had left Ailsa feeling sluggish and lethargic so she turned to her lifelong friend Pip for advice and hasn’t looked back.

Ailsa loved the DayOne Wellness ethos so much that now, Mum of one, Ailsa has joined the team so she can support others to feel as good as she does now.
You’ll find Ailsa at DayOne Wellness HQ or virtually tucked away in the Welsh countryside, organising events, supporting our clients progress and co-creating our weekly blogs.

I can’t sing your praises highly enough. I’ve never stuck at anything for this long, it’s not just the changes I’ve made that’s surprised me, it’s how easy I found making the changes once I understood the impact they had on my body!

Ann, 2014 client

I can’t thank DayOne Wellness enough for what they have done and for also making it enjoyable and fun at the same time. I had wanted to change my lifestyle for a while since having to give up football but needed some inspiration and guidance which I was struggling to find. Fortunately, Pip did some workshops at our office and I knew straight away that I had found someone I could trust and who could inspire me to make the changes I needed. I have further goals to reach this year but with the support and advice from the DayOne Wellness Community I finally feel they are achievable.

Marc, 2015 client