Start living your BEST life.

Our signature accelerator 1:1 coaching programme is a fast track from fed up and fatigued to sustainable vitality. The programme starts by analysing your DayOne (aka. your current wellbeing situation) with a wellbeing screen;

Step 1 – Wellbeing Screen

60 minute 1:1 appointment with an expert D1 coach covering;

  1. Your goal, why it’s important to you and the barriers that have inhibited your progress so far.
  2. Your medical history and current lifestyle.
  3. Over 20 biometric tests and 5 basic fitness tests. (Aka. Full MOT for the body and mind)
  4. Initial recommendations and progress plan.

Click here to book a £35 wellbeing screen.

“The Accelerator programme has transformed my life, I’ve battled with my weight and health for decades and this is the only programme I’ve ever stuck to and actually enjoyed!” Read more member stories here.

Step 2 – Apply

During your wellbeing screen, your coach will test your compliance and readiness to change. We will never waste your time or money if we feel you aren’t yet ready to fully invest in your wellbeing.

Step 3 – Begin

Location: We have two studio’s to choose from: Nature’s Gym in Penshurst and Southcote in Maidstone.

Your coach: All our coaches are behavioural change specialists, qualified GP referral personal trainers and love helping people be the best they can be. Visit our team page to find out more about each coach and their specialist fields.

The Session: Sessions are split between 30 minutes of health coaching and 30 minutes of personal training. Each week your coach will educate you on one of the 4 wellbeing cornerstones: mindset, nutrition, movement and lifestyle resilience. Then they will empower you with a self-awareness task to complete at home before sending you a recap e-mail to ensure you exceed outside of the sessions too.

Time investment: 1 hour a week for a minimum of 3 months

Financial investment: £265pcm – couple & small group discounts are available if your goals are the same.

How to apply: Start by booking a £35 wellbeing screen so both you and your coach can analyse your current wellbeing situation. To book a wellbeing screen contact the office 01622 205104 or e-mail us now.

“I completed the Accelerator programme in 12-weeks, it’s an incredibly well thought through programme that takes you by stealth and trickles to develop some subtle but profound changes. These changes truly occur with seemingly minimal effort and stem from developing good habits and with just 1 cornerstone to grasp each week even a whirlwindoholic like me could grasp it!” Alistair Bell (lost 2.5stone, is free from back pain and persistent headaches and now enjoys exercise! Read Alistair’s story here.