Investing in the future you!

Outperform your old self by prioritising your wellbeing.

Our signature 12 week programme transforms individual wellbeing by using expert coaching to help you improve your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits. We start with a no obligation wellbeing check which lasts approximately 60 minutes and covers;

 Goal Setting.
Body measurements (including body fat percentage, blood pressure and visceral fat readings.)
Nutritional analysis.
Lifestyle questionnaire.
Posture screening.
DayOne initial recommendations.

The reason millions of people are unable to sustain their results is because they fail to build a solid foundation. If you’ve found yourself constantly yo-yoing up and down the weight loss or sickness to fitness scale and want to experience sustainable results we want to work with you!

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Just like them, during the 12 week programme we will help you master the following areas of your life;

1. Mindset   2. Nutrition   3. Movement   4. Sleep   5. Stress Resilience   6. Sustainability.

Want to find out more?

We offer a free 10 minute discovery call to ensure the programme is right for your current health situation and goals. If you’ve been thinking about improving your overall wellbeing for a while then click the button link below and enter your details so one of our friendly team can arrange a no obligation call.

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Your DayOne: The first step in any journey is to identify where you are now, what’s holding you back and where you want to go. This is where our Wellbeing check comes in. The check is £60 and you will receive a report of your current wellbeing along with our initial recommendations. If you decide our signature 1:1 programme is right for you, here’s what you can expect:

Time investment? 1 hour per week for 12 weeks. Each session is split into two parts; the first part is 30 minutes of health coaching. Each week we focus on one of the 6 areas of wellbeing and support you to make the lifestyle changes you need to make to progress outside the sessions. The second half of each session is personal training, we teach you how to use your body to become; leaner, stronger and fitter. At the end of the 12 weeks, you will have an unshakable foundation of wellness foundation resulting in a healthier, happier, more productive you!

Financial investment? £250 per month. This includes all sessions, resources, handouts (which have saved our clients +£100 per month on their food shop) and unlimited support between sessions.

Location? We’re HUGE advocates for outdoor exercise so outside wherever possible you’ll find us in the great outdoors, however, when the weather makes this pretty unpleasant you’ll also find us at our private personal training studios at Southcote Chiropractic Gym in Maidstone or Restoring Health at the LilyPie Cafe in Chart Sutton.

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The best aspect of the programme was understanding that all the little weekly changes I made were to stay with me forever as by the time I’d finished the programme they were habits. The programme is so rich it’s hard to actually choose one aspect only but I did enjoy having someone who was there purely for me and was concerned about my health instead of me being the one working hard for everyone else’s health!

Sarah, 2014 Client

It sounds cliche, but by making my health my number 1 priority really has improved all areas of my life. Since starting the 12 week programme, I have much more energy, better sleep, more confidence and am generally much happier. I am better at managing stress which means I am more productive at work, I take time to relax and I find that I look at situations differently. I also suffered with anxiety before which has been non existent since starting the 12 week programme.
I cannot recommend DayOne Wellness highly enough – not only for creating a great programme that actually works but delivering it in a way that makes me look forward to the next stage

Holly, 2016 Client

I have more energy, both emotionally and physically. The pains in my arms has significantly reduced. I have less bloating and have a general feeling of better health. I also feel less stressed, although did not realise I was so stressed. I also take more time for me and enjoy living in the moments much more!

Tash 2014 Client