Start living your BEST life.

The Recalibrate Wellbeing coaching programme takes people through the necessary steps they need to live healthier, happier lives by creating sustainable change without overloading their already busy schedules. We currently deliver it to individuals, groupsschools, organisations and in community settings.

Step 1 – Book your 1:1 Wellbeing Screen or Apply for a Group

If your time is your barrier to optimal wellbeing we’d recommend booking a 1:1 wellbeing screen, however, if finances are your barrier then group coaching may be a better fit for you. The D1 wellbeing screen is the initial step in both programmes because it’s an opportunity for you to self-assess where you are now and where you want to be then our expert coaches will work with you to make a plan on how to achieve it!

Here’s what we cover in a wellbeing screen:

  1. Goal clarity – what do you really want?
  2. Questionnaires: medical history, current nutrition, movement and lifestyle habits.
  3. Assessments: Over 15 biometric tests including, blood pressure, body fat percentage, lung function and many more.
  4. Functional fitness tests: mobility, stamina, balance, flexibility, core stability and grip strength.
  5. Your bespoke progress plan with 1-3 initial reccomendations.

Click here to book a £35 wellbeing screen.

“It’s has transformed my life, I’ve battled with my weight and health for decades and this is the only programme I’ve ever stuck to and actually enjoyed!” Read more member stories here.

Step 2 – Prioritise you


What’s included in the programme?

• 12 x 60 minute face-to-face sessions.
• 30 minutes of behaviour change coaching to ensure you achieve sustainable results.
• 30 minutes of personal training to burn fat, address imbalances and improve functional fitness.
• Weekly self-aware tasks to empower you to build a nutrition, movement and lifestyle plan that suits your life.
• Unlimited support and mentoring from both your coach and our members community.
• 6 week and 12-week progress reviews.

Choose your Location: We have two studio’s Nature’s Gym in Penshurst and Southcote in Maidstone.

Nature’s Gym in Penshurst


Private Studio in Maidstone

How much does it cost: The programme is an investment in the future you and it requires your time as well as finances. To get the results you deserve you’ll need to attend twelve 60 minute sessions (one per week) and allocate at least 30 minutes a week to the self-awareness tasks. The financial investment is £795 which works out to just £66 per week – if you’re not yet ready to invest this in your future wellbeing take a look at our group coaching programmes here.

How to apply: Start by booking a no-pressure-promise wellbeing screen where we will analyse your current wellbeing situation, help you to gain goal clarity and advise you on the best steps for you. To book a £35 wellbeing screen contact the office 01622 205104 or e-mail us now.

“It’s an incredibly well thought through programme that takes you by stealth and trickles to develop some subtle but profound changes. These changes truly occur with seemingly minimal effort and stem from developing good habits and with just 1 cornerstone to grasp each week even a whirlwindoholic like me could grasp it!” Alistair Bell (lost 2.5stone, is free from back pain and persistent headaches and now enjoys exercise! Read Alistair’s story here.