Poor productivity (also referred to as ‘presenteeism’) is now estimated to be costing companies more than; staff turnover and absences combined. Clearly this is not an effective way to grow a profitable company, but how do you break the lack of time > lack of change cycle? Click the button below to find out how we support innovative companies to become more productive and profitable.

    Corporate Wellness


If you’re sick – you need a doctor, however if you’re lacking energy, struggle with your weight or just feel chronically unwell – you need a wellness expert. Our expert personal trainers are a cut above the industry standard. They specialise in taking a whole body and lifestyle approach to take people from unhealthy > to healthy > to fit. Yes, there are three separate stages and understanding the rules in each stage is the only way you’ll achieve the sustainable results you deserve.

1:1 Coaching


The natural progression from wellness is fitness, but that jump comes with a whole new set of rules to learn. Our mixed ability outdoor fitness classes will teach you how to enhance all five elements of fitness (Strength, Speed, Stamina, Flexibility and Balance) whilst becoming mentally fitter too!



‘It sounds cliche, but by making my health my number 1 priority really has improved all areas of my life. Since starting the 12 week programme, I have much more energy, better sleep, more confidence and am generally much happier. I am better at managing stress which means I am more productive at work, I take time to relax and I find that I look at situations differently. I also suffered with anxiety before which has been non existent since starting the 12 week programme.
I cannot recommend DayOne Wellness highly enough – not only for creating a great programme that actually works but delivering it in a way that makes me look forward to the next stage.’

Holly 29 (1to1 coaching)

"I have received some great feedback from today's empower workshop! Thank you so much! After the workshop some people have said to me that they found your style and information to be ‘real’ and very approachable. They said you didn’t tell people what to do just educated and encouraged them to make their own decisions - we loved the fast tips and we may even have to run two or three next month because it's full already!"

Madeline (corporate wellness)

“I feel so much fitter and much more in control of my choices. I never thought I'd say it but I actually look forward to the classes each week - probably because they're outside. I have more self-belief that I can maintain a good level of health and fitness and the support is incredible, all the trainers make you believe anything is possible”

Tracy 53 (fitness classes)

"Yesterday I was out for dinner and I chose salmon and then sorbet. This is unheard of for me, but it was a revelation, for possibly the first time ever I listened to my body and it told me what it wanted (weird, I know!). I really enjoyed it and walked away from my dinner feeling great instead of full and sluggish."

Heather 45 (Online Academy)